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The Elliotts and Fitzgeralds 
of Clones Parish, Counties Fermanagh and Monaghan, Ireland

Elliotts and Fitzgeralds

Fitz-Gerald History
Fitz-Gerald lineage from 700 CE
Lineage of O’Briens from 4004 BCE

Fitzgeralds in Ireland
Knight of Kerry  from 1200
James of Clonavilla in 1800
Anne born 1806
Fitzgeralds after James 1833

Elliotts in Ireland
Elliotts from Scotland in 1609
Michael Elliott in Annaghilly 1832
Michael's father George d. 1850
Michael & Anne at Drumard 1840's
Elliotts after Drumard
Mary Elliott in Clonmore 1860's

End notes - Morton, Elliott & Fitzgerald
Ireland - 1702-1849
Costumes - 17th-20th Centuries