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The Elliotts and Fitzgeralds 
of Clones Parish, Counties Fermanagh and Monaghan, Ireland

Table of Contents

The Ancestors of
Mary E. Elliott
Mary Eleanor Elliott was my Grandfather's grandmother; born circa 1844 in Ireland and died in Holland Landing, Ontario in 1895. She and Francis Morton brought our ancestors to Canada in 1880. These stories of her family are originally drawn from the work of her daughter Anna Isobel Fitzgerald Morton, a.k.a. Aunt Nancy, produced in 1968, and added to with evidence gathered during my trip to Ireland in 1999. Here you will find Mary's father Michael Elliott, a land assessor embroiled in the Tithe War of the 1830's, and his more distant Scottish roots in 17th Century Berwickshire. Mary's mother Anne Fitzgerald is descended from the original Norman invaders of 12th Century Ireland through the Knight of Kerry, whose recorded family trees may stretch back as far as 11th Century Italy, 8th Century Wales, and beyond.
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The Fitzgeralds 700-1861continue this story, or

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