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The Mortons
in Ireland
Map of Ireland
It is thought many unrelated families of Mortons were named based on their hometowns in England and Scotland; placenames originating in the Old English moor for "marsh or fen", and tun, for "settlement". Mortons have been in Ireland since the English colonization of the Pale around Dublin in the 1200's, but most came after the Ulster Plantation in the mid-1600's and remained in the North, mostly in County Antrim. (32)

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Morton in
Our Morton family spent their last century in Ireland in County Wicklow as squireens. They leased lands from the local landowner, Earl Fitzwilliam, and sub-leased them to tennant farmers working on the Coolatin Estate in the southern corner of the county. On the edge of the rolling Wicklow Mountains, they lived in the vale of the River Derry around the town of Tinahely.
We don't know exactly when the Mortons arrived in Tinahely, but based on the available church records, it appears that all the Tinahely Mortons descend from one family alive in Ireland around 1700 to 1710.

See how a "one couple" model  appears in the burial and baptismal registries.

Their descendants, the first generation of Mortons in Tinahely , were born in the 1740's.