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The Hulses, Doyles and Holtorfs 
of King & Wellington Townships, Bradford and Toronto 

Table of Contents
also Mortons and Elliotts
The Ancestors of
Alice T. Holtorf
These stories are drawn completely from conversations with my Grandfather and research to add further background and discover the lineages. These are the ancestors of his mother, Alice T. Holtorf, a.k.a. Gran and Granny who lived from 1888-1970. Included are stories of the enigmatic Holtorfs, lead by a roving German shoemaker, the Doyles and Hulses who ran the inns of  Lloydtown and Schomberg, the ageless May Hulse -- accomplished pianist known in later life as Grandma Stoddart.
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The Holtorfs circa 1850's continue this story, 
The Hulses and Doyles circa 1840's continue this story.