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11-Sep-2022 Recent updates to several familes: Albery, Bowstead, Copeland, Corner, Farrow, Frost, Goldby, Hill, Keeler, Linton, Lowen, Lupton, Martin, Morely, Neale, Parish, Payne, Pill, and Wood.
22-Nov-2020 Ancestors of Elizabeth Ann Barrett added to Morton pedigree.
31-Oct-2020 Confirming new research available in all affected pages, plus Names now consolidated into single searchable page.
08-Jul-2020 Further research over several months to add details and further ancestors in most lines, e.g. Bone, Reading, Stallard, Marchment, Balaam, Morton, Wixam, Townsend, Luckens, Keeler, Neale, Parish, Martin, Newlove, David, Wheeler, Burnham, and Gorton.
13-Oct-2016 Updated Samuel W. Marchment essay to 1912, with related details added to the Marchment and Balaam trees.
31-May-2016 Updated Samuel W. Marchment essay to 1906.
7-Feb-2016 Updated Samuel W. Marchment essay to 1903.
27-Oct-2015 Updated Samuel W. Marchment essay to 1894.
9-Aug-2015 Details added to Marchment and Balaam trees, including more on John Trevatt/Felat.
8-Jul-2015 Updated Samuel W. Marchment essay to 1891.
26-Oct-2014 Updated Samuel W. Marchment essay to 1886.
30-Sep-2014 Updated Samuel W. Marchment essay to 1883.
11-May-2014 Published essay on Samuel W. Marchment's early life 1849-71. See the Home page.
17-Mar-2014 Corrected family of Rodney Ralph Sneyd and Patti Sneyd, thanks to email from Patti.
17-Nov-2013 Added more to Marchments: details of Thomas Marchments other children in Hammersmith
30-Oct-2013 Added to Marchments: more details for London residences, convictions, possible Wiltshire ancestors, George T. Marchment's wife and child
17-Sep-2013 More details added to Benjamin Wheeler's wife Elizabeth Burnham, and her ancestors
12-Sep-2013 Ancestors of Benjamin Wheeler's mother Mary Drew added
10-Sep-2013 Benjamin Wheeler's family and ancestors in Maine and New Hampshire expanded
5-Sep-2013 Margaret Connell's parents added, plus Simeon Wheeler's siblings, and his mother Wealthea Gorton's family in Maine
13-Aug-2013 Whereabouts of Simeon Wheeler and Margaret McConnell's family around Chaleur Bay, and Mary Wheeler found in Pennsylvania
30-Jul-2013 More details added to families of John Imhoff, and Charlotte Becker-dit-Blondin
6-Jul-2013 Robert Flowers's military history and family details added, his and Alice Pennington's parents removed as no evidence supports them
30-Jun-2013 More details for Assels of New Carlisle, plus possible parents for James Assles
16-Jun-2013 Family of Mary Jane Allan augmented, including siblings and parents for her father John Allan
10-Jun-2013 More details for Newloves, and parents and grandparents for William Newlove
14-May-2013 Details of siblings and parents added for Anne McDonald, wife of James Martin
2-May-2013 Family of James and Thomasine Martin described
26-Apr-2013 McClure family details added
20-Apr-2013 Welcome Reagan Elizabeth Parry, first daughter for Lindsey and Trevor, and first granddaughter for John and Ann Sneyd
14-Apr-2013 Many more details added to Kee family, thanks to Rob Wolvin, and Martyn Kee
1-Apr-2013 More of Jane Miln's ancestors added, including Wallace and Brews
28-Mar-2013 More details for Hepburns, including Andrew Hepburn's parents, and several of Jane Miln's ancestors
16-Mar-2013 Logan Patrick Saucier added, a new son for Sara Kathleen Smith, of Kathleen Tregaskes, of Norman, of Ethel Marchment, of Augusta Judd.
More family members, and ancestors added to Parish and Hepburn branches.
10-Mar-2013 Ancestors discovered for Arthur John Neale
23-Feb-2013 Minor correction to Charlotte Todman
20-Feb-2013 Andrew Ingram's family expanded based on Grandma Sneyd's notes
Extra info added to Liddells, plus Margaret Gamble's parents, and siblings
9-Feb-2013 Minor details added to Wixson, Williton
7-Feb-2013 Likely parents for John Blake found, family details added
3-Feb-2013 Long lineage of Sarah Lukens (Annis Fenton's mother) added, including Philadelphian and German ancestors
31-Jan-2013 Details of William Fenton's family, and stronger link with Annis Fenton.
27-Jan-2013 William Nassau Morton, more details for his family
23-Jan-2013 Details added to John Samuel Chalcraft family, and Thomas Reading's other family.
20-Jan-2013 Minor details added to Neil Mckenzie.
Edward Stallard's wife most likely Charlotte Todman of Haslemere, Surrey -- not Petersfield.
19-Jan-2013 William Balaam's ancestors found in Edmonton, Middlesex, England.
13-Jan-2013 Several branches of Edmund Judd's ancestors found in Hertfordshire, England.
06-Jan-2013 Census and BMD work for Londoners c1800-1870, e.g. Judd, Marchments
Found Judd censuses, marriage details, e.g. Lucy's surname Silmon/Sellman,
Found Copeland censuses, marriage, e.g. Sarah's surname Wood
Corrected details for the John Albert Marchment (b.1872) and John Albert Marchment (1919-1998), thanks to Suzanne Burns.
04-Jan-2013 Renewed Ancestry.com account.
Confirmed birth details of some born in Ontario c. 1910-13
2006-2012 Dribs and drabs added, no records of changes made
Changed URL to www.sneydobone.com/webtree/index.htm
1996-2003 News archived, URL was www1.xe.net/~mbone/webtree
14-Sep-1996 Site created