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26-Dec-2016 Morton update.
13-Oct-2016 Updated Samuel W. Marchment essay to 1912, with related details added to the Marchment and Balaam trees.
31-May-2016 Updated Samuel W. Marchment essay to 1906.
7-Feb-2016 Updated Samuel W. Marchment essay to 1903.
27-Oct-2015 Updated Samuel W. Marchment essay to 1894.
9-Aug-2015 Details added to Marchment and Balaam trees, including more on John Trevatt/Felat.
8-Jul-2015 Updated Samuel W. Marchment essay to 1891.
26-Oct-2014 Updated Samuel W. Marchment essay to 1886.
30-Sep-2014 Updated Samuel W. Marchment essay to 1883.
11-May-2014 Published essay on Samuel W. Marchment's early life 1849-71. See the Home page.
17-Mar-2014 Corrected family of Rodney Ralph Sneyd and Patti Sneyd, thanks to email from Patti.
17-Nov-2013 Added more to Marchments: details of Thomas Marchments other children in Hammersmith
30-Oct-2013 Added to Marchments: more details for London residences, convictions, possible Wiltshire ancestors, George T. Marchment's wife and child
17-Sep-2013 More details added to Benjamin Wheeler's wife Elizabeth Burnham, and her ancestors
12-Sep-2013 Ancestors of Benjamin Wheeler's mother Mary Drew added
10-Sep-2013 Benjamin Wheeler's family and ancestors in Maine and New Hampshire expanded
5-Sep-2013 Margaret Connell's parents added, plus Simeon Wheeler's siblings, and his mother Wealthea Gorton's family in Maine
13-Aug-2013 Whereabouts of Simeon Wheeler and Margaret McConnell's family around Chaleur Bay, and Mary Wheeler found in Pennsylvania
30-Jul-2013 More details added to families of John Imhoff, and Charlotte Becker-dit-Blondin
6-Jul-2013 Robert Flowers's military history and family details added, his and Alice Pennington's parents removed as no evidence supports them
30-Jun-2013 More details for Assels of New Carlisle, plus possible parents for James Assles
16-Jun-2013 Family of Mary Jane Allan augmented, including siblings and parents for her father John Allan
10-Jun-2013 More details for Newloves, and parents and grandparents for William Newlove
14-May-2013 Details of siblings and parents added for Anne McDonald, wife of James Martin
2-May-2013 Family of James and Thomasine Martin described
26-Apr-2013 McClure family details added
20-Apr-2013 Welcome Reagan Elizabeth Parry, first daughter for Lindsey and Trevor, and first granddaughter for John and Ann Sneyd
14-Apr-2013 Many more details added to Kee family, thanks to Rob Wolvin, and Martyn Kee
1-Apr-2013 More of Jane Miln's ancestors added, including Wallace and Brews
28-Mar-2013 More details for Hepburns, including Andrew Hepburn's parents, and several of Jane Miln's ancestors
16-Mar-2013 Logan Patrick Saucier added, a new son for Sara Kathleen Smith, of Kathleen Tregaskes, of Norman, of Ethel Marchment, of Augusta Judd.
More family members, and ancestors added to Parish and Hepburn branches.
10-Mar-2013 Ancestors discovered for Arthur John Neale
23-Feb-2013 Minor correction to Charlotte Todman
20-Feb-2013 Andrew Ingram's family expanded based on Grandma Sneyd's notes
Extra info added to Liddells, plus Margaret Gamble's parents, and siblings
9-Feb-2013 Minor details added to Wixson, Williton
7-Feb-2013 Likely parents for John Blake found, family details added
3-Feb-2013 Long lineage of Sarah Lukens (Annis Fenton's mother) added, including Philadelphian and German ancestors
31-Jan-2013 Details of William Fenton's family, and stronger link with Annis Fenton.
27-Jan-2013 William Nassau Morton, more details for his family
23-Jan-2013 Details added to John Samuel Chalcraft family, and Thomas Reading's other family.
20-Jan-2013 Minor details added to Neil Mckenzie.
Edward Stallard's wife most likely Charlotte Todman of Haslemere, Surrey -- not Petersfield.
19-Jan-2013 William Balaam's ancestors found in Edmonton, Middlesex, England.
13-Jan-2013 Several branches of Edmund Judd's ancestors found in Hertfordshire, England.
06-Jan-2013 Census and BMD work for Londoners c1800-1870, e.g. Judd, Marchments
Found Judd censuses, marriage details, e.g. Lucy's surname Silmon/Sellman,
Found Copeland censuses, marriage, e.g. Sarah's surname Wood
Corrected details for the John Albert Marchment (b.1872) and John Albert Marchment (1919-1998), thanks to Suzanne Burns.
04-Jan-2013 Renewed Ancestry.com account.
Confirmed birth details of some born in Ontario c. 1910-13
2006-2012 Dribs and drabs added, no records of changes made
Changed URL to www.sneydobone.com/webtree/index.htm
1996-2003 News archived, URL was www1.xe.net/~mbone/webtree
14-Sep-1996 Site created