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Index of Names

This list of names includes all people found in these research notes, in any of the several subject areas. For people who appear in more than one, a link or two will be given for each. Bold links lead to the most data. People are alphabetized by surname, beginning with unknown surnames.

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Yake, Elizabeth (1823- )  [Wixson descendants]
Yake, Elizabeth (1823- ) [Wixson ancestors]  [Wixson descendants]
Yeoman, Agnes or Ann (1592-1662)  [Newlove ancestors]
Yeoman, Godfrey  [Newlove ancestors]
Yeoman, Godfrey [Newlove ancestors]
Young, Charlotte Elizabeth (1850-1897)  [Morton ancestors]  [Morton descendants]
Young, Charlotte Elizabeth (1850-1897) [Morton descendants]
Young, Elizabeth ( -1817)  [Fitzgerald descendants]  [Morton ancestors]
Young, Elizabeth ( -1817) [Morton ancestors]
Young, Mary [Fitzgerald descendants]



Zacharias,  [Bone ancestors]  [Stallard descendants]
Zacharias, Leonora Elouise  [Bone ancestors]  [Stallard descendants]
Zoldak, Helen S. [Marchment descendants]