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Index of Names

This list of names includes all people found in these research notes, in any of the several subject areas. For people who appear in more than one, a link or two will be given for each. Bold links lead to the most data. People are alphabetized by surname, beginning with unknown surnames.

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Sackett, Benjamin  [Wixson ancestors]  [Wixson descendants]
Sanders, Martha  [Wixson descendants]
Sandford, Jesse  [Marchment descendants]
Sanford, David (1806-1875)  [Morton ancestors]
Sanford, David (1839- )  [Morton ancestors]
Sanford, Elizabeth (1834-1871)  [Hulse descendants]  [Morton ancestors]  [Morton ancestors]
Saucier, Joel Roland  [Balaam descendants]  [Marchment descendants]
Saucier, Logan Patrick  [Balaam descendants]  [Marchment descendants]
Saunders, Blanche Victoria  [Stallard descendants]
Savell, Sarah  [Boyd ancestors]
Sawyer, Daniel  [Newlove ancestors]
Schofield, Patrick  [Sneyd descendants]
Scull, Jane (1723-1767)  [Wixson ancestors]
Scull, Judith Elizabeth  [Fitzgerald descendants]  [Morton descendants]
Scull, Victor McDonagh (1920-1979)  [Fitzgerald descendants]  [Morton descendants]
Scull, Victoria Jean McDonagh  [Fitzgerald descendants]  [Morton descendants]
Searle, Albert E G (1869- )  [Newlove ancestors]
Searle, Elizabeth ( -1762)  [Bone ancestors]
Searle, John  [Bone ancestors]
Sears, Rebecca  [Newlove ancestors]
Seimens, Johann  [Wixson ancestors]
Selden, Heinrich  [Wixson ancestors]
Selden, Johannes (1442- )  [Wixson ancestors]
Sellmon, Lucy (1798-1861)  [Balaam descendants]  [Boyd ancestors]
Sewell, Marion Helen  [Sneyd descendants]
Sharrard, Abigale (1832-1916)  [Wixson ancestors]  [Wixson descendants]
Sharrard, James Wright  [Wixson descendants]
Sharrard, Mary (1829- )  [Wixson descendants]
Sharrard, Matilda (1837-1876)  [Wixson descendants]
Sharrard, Phoebe (1833- )  [Wixson descendants]
Sharrard, Rachel (1831- )  [Wixson descendants]
Sharrard, Sylvanus (1805-1874)  [Wixson ancestors]  [Wixson descendants]
Shaver, Mildred Patricia  [Sneyd descendants]
Shaw, (--?--)  [Wixson descendants]
Shea, Ellen (1857- )  [Bone ancestors]
Shea, Mary (1862- )  [Bone ancestors]
Sheppard, Cole  [Wixson descendants]
Sheppard, Krista  [Wixson descendants]
Sheppard, Lee (1936-2007)  [Wixson descendants]
Sheppard, Matthew  [Wixson descendants]
Shevally, Nicholas  [Newlove ancestors]
Shisko, Vera (1918-2007)  [Balaam descendants]  [Marchment descendants]
Shreeve, Edmund  [Balaam descendants]  [Boyd ancestors]
Shuman, Clara Myrtle (1892-1952)  [Newlove ancestors]
Shuman, Flossie Etna  [Newlove ancestors]
Sigarsson, Rer (655- )  [Geraldine ancestors]
sigmundsson, Sigurd "Fafnisbana" (735- )  [Geraldine ancestors]
Sigurdsdatter, Aslaug (765- )  [Geraldine ancestors]
Sigurdsson, Harde-Knud (814- )  [Geraldine ancestors]  [Geraldine ancestors]
Sigurdsson, Ragnar "Lodbrok"  [Geraldine ancestors]
Simpson, Isaac (1847-1933)  [Kee ancestors]  [Kee descendants]
Simpson, Nellie Florence (1875-1960)  [Sneyd ancestors]  [Sneyd descendants]
Skelton, Elizabeth (1808-1867)  [Kee ancestors]  [Kee descendants]
Skinner, Ann (1791-1868)  [Boyd ancestors]  [Marchment descendants]
Slightham, Avery Walter  [Fitzgerald descendants]  [Hulse descendants]  [Morton descendants]
Slightham, Callie Violet  [Fitzgerald descendants]  [Hulse descendants]  [Morton descendants]
Slightham, Christopher  [Fitzgerald descendants]  [Hulse descendants]  [Morton descendants]
Slightham, Edward  [Fitzgerald descendants]  [Hulse descendants]  [Morton descendants]
Slightham, Hudson Christopher  [Fitzgerald descendants]  [Hulse descendants]  [Morton descendants]
Slightham, Janice  [Fitzgerald descendants]  [Hulse descendants]  [Morton descendants]
Slightham, Jeffrey Gordon  [Fitzgerald descendants]  [Hulse descendants]  [Morton descendants]
Slightham, Johnathon Morton  [Fitzgerald descendants]  [Hulse descendants]  [Morton descendants]
Slightham, Robert  [Fitzgerald descendants]  [Hulse descendants]  [Morton descendants]
Sloan, Young  [Fitzgerald descendants]  [Morton ancestors]
Small, William (Reverend)  [Newlove ancestors]
Smart, Rebecca (1674-1749)  [Newlove ancestors]
Smith, (Captain) John (1672-1749)  [Newlove ancestors]
Smith, Angela Clair  [Balaam descendants]  [Marchment descendants]
Smith, Clara (1874- )  [Wixson ancestors]  [Wixson descendants]
Smith, Elizabeth (1697- )  [Newlove ancestors]  [Newlove ancestors]
Smith, Ephraim (1644-1712)  [Newlove ancestors]
Smith, Gabrielle  [Sneyd descendants]
Smith, Hugh (1593- )  [Newlove ancestors]
Smith, John (1619-1684)  [Newlove ancestors]  [Newlove ancestors]
Smith, John (1840-1898)  [Kee ancestors]
Smith, John (Captain) (1672-1749)  [Newlove ancestors]
Smith, John Henry (1858- )  [Newlove ancestors]
Smith, Kari Lynn  [Sneyd descendants]
Smith, Marla Nicole  [Sneyd descendants]
Smith, Mary (1802-1894)  [Hulse descendants]  [Morton ancestors]
Smith, Neil  [Sneyd descendants]
Smith, Neil Alexander  [Balaam descendants]  [Marchment descendants]
Smith, Percy Leslie (1916-2001)  [Sneyd ancestors]  [Sneyd descendants]
Smith, Robert Elmer  [Sneyd descendants]
Smith, Roger Guy  [Balaam descendants]  [Marchment descendants]
Smith, Sara Kathleen  [Balaam descendants]  [Marchment descendants]
Smith, Silas Horton (1858- )  [Wixson ancestors]  [Wixson descendants]
Sneyd, Adam Christopher  [Ingram descendants]  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Alexander  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Allison Elizabeth  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Andrew Michael  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Andrew Todd  [Ingram descendants]  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Anne Elizabeth  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Barbara Jean  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Brian  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Carl Barton  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Carla Doreen  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Carter Michael  [Ingram descendants]  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Catherine Ann (1859-1918)  [Sneyd ancestors]  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Charles Monroe  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Charlotte Helen Margaret  [Ingram descendants]  [Kee descendants]  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Daniel Wayne  [Ingram descendants]  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, David  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, David Thomas  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Deborah Ann  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Devon Nicole  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Douglas Mord  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Edward (1871- )  [Sneyd ancestors]  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Elizabeth (1880-1891)  [Sneyd ancestors]  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Elizabeth Anne  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Emily  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Evelyn Hope (1905-2006)  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Frederic Patrick William  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Frederick Burton (1907-1915)  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Frederick James (1874-1959)  [Ingram ancestors]  [Ingram descendants]  [Sneyd ancestors]  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Gavin Edward  [Ingram descendants]  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Gayle  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, George ( -1979)  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, George Henry (1863-1953)  [Sneyd ancestors]  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, George Nathaniel (1909-1999)  [Sneyd ancestors]  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, George Neil (1923-1990)  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Gregory Morgan  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Herbert Alton (1904-1981)  [Ingram ancestors]  [Ingram descendants]  [Sneyd ancestors]  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Herbert Bouton (1918-1983)  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Herbert Stanley (1876-1960)  [Sneyd ancestors]  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Herbert Stanley (1909-1977)  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Howard Nathaniel (1898-1977)  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Iain Stewart  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Ian (1974-1997)  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Infant (1927-1927)  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Jaclyn  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, James Herbert Kenneth  [Ingram descendants]  [Kee descendants]  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Jane  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Janet Ann  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Jantien Emily Ann  [Ingram descendants]  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, John  [Sneyd ancestors]  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, John Douglas  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, John Herbert  [Ingram descendants]  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, John Howard  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Joyce Sylvia  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Julia Lora  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Julie Lynn  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Karen Lousie  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Karl Walker (1911-1930)  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Kendal Kathleen  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Kevin Douglas  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Linda Rae  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Lindsey Elizabeth  [Ingram descendants]  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Lynn  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Mackenzie Kameron  [Ingram descendants]  [Kee descendants]  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Madeleine Bella  [Ingram descendants]  [Kee descendants]  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Marilyn Jean  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Marion (Marny) Louise  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Mark  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Mathew  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Mathew Wayne  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Michael John  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Nancy Ann  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Nathaniel (1828-1895)  [Sneyd ancestors]  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Nathaniel Lee  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Nicholas  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Normand Howard  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Paul Robert  [Ingram descendants]  [Kee descendants]  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Peter Montgomery  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Peter William (1956-1959)  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Peter William Matthew  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Ralph Edward  [Ingram descendants]  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Ralph Morgan  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Ralph Simpson (1901-1971)  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Rhebeca (1866- )  [Sneyd ancestors]  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Robert Brown  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Robert Frederick (1906-1992)  [Sneyd ancestors]  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Robyn  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Rodney Ralph  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Ruth Ann (Susie)  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Ruth Ellen (1916-2002)  [Sneyd ancestors]  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Ryan  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Sally  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Sarah (1861- )  [Sneyd ancestors]  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Sarah Maris  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Sayde  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Stephen Christopher  [Ingram descendants]  [Kee descendants]  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Susan Pauline  [Balaam descendants]  [Fitzgerald descendants]  [Hulse descendants]  [Ingram descendants]  [Kee descendants]  [Marchment descendants]  [Morton descendants]  [Sneyd descendants]  [Stallard descendants]  [Wixson descendants]
Sneyd, Thomas Ross  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Tracey Lynn  [Ingram descendants]  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, Vanessa Candace Patricia  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, William (1868- )  [Sneyd ancestors]  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, William  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd, William James (1921-1983)  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd-Dewar, Jordan Robert  [Sneyd descendants]
Sneyd-Dewar, Nathaniel Kenneth  [Sneyd descendants]
Snowdon, Joanne  [Ingram descendants]
Softly, Alice (1870- )  [Stallard descendants]
Softly, Clara (1872- )  [Stallard descendants]
Softly, Fanny (1864- )  [Stallard descendants]
Softly, Laura Ann (1861- )  [Stallard descendants]
Softly, Marion Charlotte (1874- )  [Stallard descendants]
Softly, Percy (1868- )  [Stallard descendants]
Softly, Richard W. (1859-1863)  [Stallard descendants]
Softly, Richard William (1834-1911)  [Bone ancestors]  [Stallard descendants]
Solden, Ann (1471- )  [Wixson ancestors]
Sorli, Duff  [Sneyd descendants]
Sorli, Lauren Margaret  [Sneyd descendants]
Sorli, Nathan John  [Sneyd descendants]
Sorter, Jane (1819- )  [Wixson descendants]
Sorter, Rebecca (1809-1900)  [Wixson ancestors]  [Wixson descendants]
Spackman, Margaret  [Sneyd descendants]
Speight, Eva (1864- )  [Fitzgerald descendants]
Spencer, Alonzo (1839- )  [Wixson descendants]
Spencer, Deborah  [Wixson descendants]
Spencer, Eunice  [Wixson descendants]
Spencer, George (1799-1861)  [Wixson ancestors]  [Wixson descendants]
Spencer, George (1832- )  [Wixson descendants]
Spencer, James (1842- )  [Wixson descendants]
Spencer, Joseph (1823- )  [Wixson descendants]
Spencer, Joseph  [Wixson ancestors]
Spencer, Joshua (1834- )  [Wixson descendants]
Spencer, Margaret  [Wixson descendants]
Spencer, Mary (1838- )  [Wixson descendants]
Spencer, Randal  [Wixson descendants]
Spencer, Seth  [Wixson descendants]
Spencer, William  [Wixson descendants]
Spiers, Archibald (1873- )  [Kee ancestors]
Spinatsch, Peter  [Balaam descendants]  [Marchment descendants]
Spruce, Linda  [Ingram descendants]
Squires, Thomas (1844- )  [Newlove ancestors]
Stallard, Agnes (1861- )  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, Albert (1831- )  [Bone ancestors]  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, Albert (1837- )  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, Albert E. (1868- )  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, Amelia (1829-1870)  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, Ann (1793- )  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, Ann (1810-1910)  [Bone ancestors]  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, Ann (1819- )  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, Anne (1750- )  [Bone ancestors]  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, Aylmore (1857-1857)  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, Caroline (1817-1849)  [Bone ancestors]  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, Catherine (1825- )  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, Charlotte (1813- )  [Bone ancestors]  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, Charlotte (1813-1906)  [Bone ancestors]
Stallard, Charlotte Elizabeth (1839-1839)  [Bone ancestors]  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, Clara (1847- )  [Bone ancestors]  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, Clarissa (1833- )  [Bone ancestors]  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, Clarissa C. (1856-1913)  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, Edward (1699- )  [Bone ancestors]  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, Edward (1749- )  [Bone ancestors]  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, Edward (1780- )  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, Edward (1792-1869)  [Bone ancestors]  [Bone ancestors]  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, Edward (1826- )  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, Edward (1857-1857)  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, Edward  [Bone ancestors]  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, Edward George James (1815-1898)  [Bone ancestors]  [Bone ancestors]  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, Edward J. (1863- )  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, Edward Lennox (1838-1838)  [Bone ancestors]  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, Elizabeth (1818- )  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, Ellen (1821- )  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, Ellen (1826- )  [Bone ancestors]  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, Ellen (1827- )  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, Ellen (1848-1855)  [Bone ancestors]  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, Ellen (1859- )  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, Emma Adeline (1863-1962)  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, Emma Frances (1841-1843)  [Bone ancestors]  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, Fanny (1783- )  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, Fanny (Aunt) (1844-1942)  [Bone ancestors]  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, Frances (1816-1862)  [Bone ancestors]  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, Frances Frazier (1844-1942)  [Bone ancestors]  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, George (1797-1798)  [Bone ancestors]  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, George (1828-1906)  [Bone ancestors]  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, George (1834- )  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, George (1855- )  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, George William (1852-1869)  [Bone ancestors]  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, Harold (1875- )  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, Harry (1867- )  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, James (1767- )  [Bone ancestors]  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, James (1795-1867)  [Bone ancestors]  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, James (1823-1849)  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, Jenny (1778- )  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, Kate (1843-1922)  [Bone ancestors]  [Bone ancestors]  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, Louise (1830-1847)  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, Lucy (1797- )  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, Mary ( -1755)  [Bone ancestors]  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, Mary (1707- )  [Bone ancestors]  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, Mary  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, Mary Ann (1820-1882)  [Bone ancestors]  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, Matilda (1860- )  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, Nancy (1788-1790)  [Bone ancestors]  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, Sarah (1796- )  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, Sarah Ann (1836-1871)  [Bone ancestors]  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, Sidney (1870- )  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, Sophia (1827- )  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, Thorburn (1859-1923)  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, Tilley (1860- )  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, William (1698-1710)  [Bone ancestors]  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, William (1710- )  [Bone ancestors]  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, William (1757-1758)  [Bone ancestors]  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, William (1764-1820)  [Bone ancestors]  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, William (1781-1826)  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, William (1790-1870)  [Bone ancestors]  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, William (1816-1837)  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, William (1824-1825)  [Bone ancestors]  [Stallard descendants]
Stallard, William T. (1870- )  [Stallard descendants]
Starr, Melanie  [Sneyd descendants]
Stead, Daphne Margaret  [Marchment descendants]
Steiber, Judith  [Newlove ancestors]
Stent, Alfred (1844-1903)  [Stallard descendants]
Stent, Edward James (1840-1927)  [Stallard descendants]
Stent, Edwin (1843-1875)  [Stallard descendants]
Stent, James (1819-1851)  [Bone ancestors]  [Stallard descendants]
Stent, Martha  [Stallard descendants]
Stent, Pat  [Stallard descendants]
Stent, Patricia Martha  [Stallard descendants]
Stephens, Albert George (1880-1959)  [Stallard descendants]
Stephens, Charles Frederick (1901- )  [Stallard descendants]
Stephens, Doris Francis (1900-1965)  [Stallard descendants]
Stephens, Edward Frederick (1873-1948)  [Stallard descendants]
Stephens, Henry William (1870-1956)  [Stallard descendants]
Stephens, Hilda Maude (1885- )  [Stallard descendants]
Stephens, Ivy May (1888-1890)  [Stallard descendants]
Stephens, James Henry (1834-1907)  [Bone ancestors]  [Stallard descendants]
Stephens, John Herring (1875-1962)  [Stallard descendants]
Stephens, Kate (1869-1913)  [Stallard descendants]
Stephens, Lennox Stallard (1878-1924)  [Stallard descendants]
Stevens, Avaline Myrtle (1900- )  [Wixson descendants]
Stevens, Baker (1851- )  [Wixson descendants]
Stevens, Charlotte Ann (1891- )  [Wixson descendants]
Stevens, Clarissa (1828- )  [Wixson descendants]
Stevens, Cora Mae Lillian (1904- )  [Wixson descendants]
Stevens, Deborah (1841- )  [Wixson descendants]
Stevens, Deborah (1848- )  [Wixson descendants]
Stevens, Electa (1845- )  [Wixson descendants]
Stevens, Emily (1838- )  [Wixson descendants]
Stevens, Estelle Theresa (1901- )  [Wixson descendants]
Stevens, Esther Ann (1845- )  [Wixson descendants]
Stevens, George (1831- )  [Wixson descendants]
Stevens, Jane (1838- )  [Wixson descendants]
Stevens, Jason (1834- )  [Wixson descendants]
Stevens, Jeremiah (1834- )  [Wixson descendants]
Stevens, John D. (1883- )  [Wixson descendants]
Stevens, Jonathan B.  [Wixson ancestors]  [Wixson descendants]
Stevens, Lorenza (1836- )  [Wixson descendants]
Stevens, Louisa (1833- )  [Wixson descendants]
Stevens, Lovicey (1888- )  [Wixson descendants]
Stevens, Luanna (1849- )  [Wixson descendants]
Stevens, Lucy (1843- )  [Wixson descendants]
Stevens, Mary (1824- )  [Wixson descendants]
Stevens, Mary (1845- )  [Wixson descendants]
Stevens, Orillia (1847- )  [Wixson descendants]
Stevens, Ralph (1840- )  [Wixson descendants]
Stevens, Rhoda J. (1882- )  [Wixson descendants]
Stevens, Samuel Rosson (1895- )  [Wixson descendants]
Stevens, Sarah (1835- )  [Wixson descendants]
Stevens, Seneca (1838- )  [Wixson descendants]
Stevens, Susanna Greta (1893- )  [Wixson descendants]
Stevens, Truman (1823- )  [Wixson descendants]
Stevens, Vilena May (1886-1887)  [Wixson descendants]
Stevens, Webster (1833- )  [Wixson descendants]
Stevens, Webster  [Wixson ancestors]  [Wixson descendants]
Stevens, William (1842- )  [Wixson descendants]
Stevens, William  [Wixson ancestors]  [Wixson descendants]
Stevens, William H (1896- )  [Wixson descendants]
Stevens, Wixson (1841- )  [Wixson descendants]
Stevens, Zametta (1831- )  [Wixson descendants]
Stevenson, Richard John  [Marchment descendants]
Stevenson, Rickie-lee O'Lean  [Marchment descendants]
Stevenson, Robert (1859- )  [Wixson ancestors]  [Wixson descendants]
Stevenson, Tasha Marie  [Marchment descendants]
Stewart, Donald  [Newlove ancestors]
Stewart, Elizabeth Clare  [Sneyd descendants]
Stewart, Pamela  [Balaam descendants]  [Marchment descendants]
Stillwell, William  [Wixson descendants]
Stimpson, Nellie (1879- )  [Wixson ancestors]
Stoaden, Margery (1658- )  [Wixson ancestors]
Stoddart, Alfred E. B. Burton (1872-1948)  [Hulse descendants]  [Morton ancestors]
Stoddart, Baldwin Henry Wilson (1904- )  [Hulse descendants]
Stoddart, Burton Hulse (1902- )  [Hulse descendants]
Strehlow, Marlene Joan  [Fitzgerald descendants]  [Morton descendants]
Streypers, Wilhelm  [Wixson ancestors]
Stuckie, Grace (1690- )  [Wixson ancestors]
Stuckie, John  [Wixson ancestors]
Stucky, Grace (1690- )  [Wixson ancestors]  [Wixson ancestors]
Stych, Andrew Marian  [Fitzgerald descendants]  [Morton descendants]
Stych, Austin (1925-2012)  [Fitzgerald descendants]  [Morton descendants]
Stych, Clarence Edgar (1931-1931)  [Fitzgerald descendants]  [Morton descendants]
Stych, Edgar Stanley (1901-1994)  [Fitzgerald descendants]  [Morton descendants]
Stych, Edgar Stanley Morton  [Fitzgerald descendants]  [Morton descendants]
Stych, Jean Fitzgerald (1924-2009)  [Fitzgerald descendants]  [Morton descendants]
Stych, Leonard Graham  [Fitzgerald descendants]  [Morton descendants]
Stych, Mary Jill  [Fitzgerald descendants]  [Morton descendants]
Stych, Stanley Douglas  [Fitzgerald descendants]  [Morton descendants]
Stych, William Austin Wood (1925-2012)  [Fitzgerald descendants]  [Morton descendants]
Styles, Arthur  [Ingram ancestors]
Sullivan, John William  [Newlove ancestors]
Summers, Charles  [Marchment descendants]
Sutherland, Phyllis Doloris (1920-2004)  [Wixson ancestors]  [Wixson descendants]
Swarthout, Elizabeth (1793- )  [Wixson ancestors]  [Wixson descendants]
Swarthout, Henry (1791- )  [Wixson ancestors]  [Wixson descendants]
Switzer, William Miller  [Kee ancestors]  [Kee descendants]
Symes, Barbara Jane (1803-1890)  [Morton descendants]

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