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Index of Names

This list of names includes all people found in these research notes, in any of the several subject areas. For people who appear in more than one, a link or two will be given for each. Bold links lead to the most data. People are alphabetized by surname, beginning with unknown surnames.

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Nash, David  [Stallard descendants]
Nash, Donald Earle (1921-2011)  [Bone ancestors]  [Stallard descendants]
Nash, Ethel Stallard (1919-2004)  [Bone ancestors]  [Stallard descendants]
Nash, Richard  [Stallard descendants]
Natale, Trina Lynn  [Marchment descendants]
Neale, Alice Jane (1852- )  [Ingram ancestors]
Neale, Arthur Daniel Heborn (1887- )  [Ingram ancestors]
Neale, Arthur John (1855-1939)  [Ingram ancestors]  [Ingram ancestors]  [Ingram descendants]
Neale, Catherine Emily (1880-1955)  [Ingram ancestors]  [Ingram descendants]  [Sneyd ancestors]  [Sneyd descendants]
Neale, Cecil (1896- )  [Ingram ancestors]
Neale, Emily (1880-1955)  [Ingram ancestors]  [Ingram descendants]
Neale, Emily Esther (1820- )  [Ingram ancestors]
Neale, Emily Jane (1857- )  [Ingram ancestors]
Neale, Frederick (1827- )  [Ingram ancestors]
Neale, Frederick John Parish (1878- )  [Ingram ancestors]
Neale, Frederick William (1860- )  [Ingram ancestors]
Neale, John (1819-1906)  [Ingram ancestors]
Neale, John  [Ingram ancestors]
Neale, Maria (1822- )  [Ingram ancestors]
Neale, Mary (1825- )  [Ingram ancestors]
Neale, Sarah M (1886- )  [Ingram ancestors]
Neale, William Augustus (1823- )  [Ingram ancestors]
Nefio, Rolf  [Geraldine ancestors]
Nettnagel, (--?--) (1503- )  [Wixson ancestors]
Nettnagel, Konrad (1467- )  [Wixson ancestors]
Neuwes, Johann  [Wixson ancestors]
Newhook, Linda  [Ingram descendants]
Newlove, Daisy Alvira (1919-1993)  [Kee ancestors]  [Kee descendants]  [Newlove ancestors]
Newlove, Dorothy May (1916-2005)  [Newlove ancestors]
Newlove, Elizabeth (1867- )  [Newlove ancestors]
Newlove, Ethel Gertrude (1910-1967)  [Newlove ancestors]
Newlove, Hannah (1868- )  [Newlove ancestors]
Newlove, Jane (1875-1936)  [Newlove ancestors]
Newlove, John (1723-1807)  [Newlove ancestors]
Newlove, John (1815-1884)  [Newlove ancestors]
Newlove, John A (1870-1896)  [Newlove ancestors]
Newlove, John Henry (1840-1912)  [Newlove ancestors]
Newlove, Joseph (1817-1892)  [Newlove ancestors]
Newlove, Love (1778-1854)  [Newlove ancestors]  [Newlove ancestors]
Newlove, Love (1808-1886)  [Newlove ancestors]
Newlove, Love Thomas (1808-1886)  [Newlove ancestors]
Newlove, Margaret A. (1866-1955)  [Newlove ancestors]
Newlove, Margaret J (1843-1845)  [Newlove ancestors]
Newlove, Maria (Daisy) (1886-1887)  [Newlove ancestors]
Newlove, Martha Jane (1875-1936)  [Newlove ancestors]
Newlove, Mary (1819-1821)  [Newlove ancestors]
Newlove, Mary (1842-1850)  [Newlove ancestors]
Newlove, Mary Agnes (1872-1950)  [Newlove ancestors]
Newlove, Mary Cecil (Macil) (1909-1925)  [Newlove ancestors]
Newlove, Thomas (1846-1922)  [Newlove ancestors]
Newlove, Thomas Love (1808-1886)  [Newlove ancestors]
Newlove, William (1812-1863)  [Newlove ancestors]  [Newlove ancestors]
Newlove, William Allison (1878-1954)  [Kee ancestors]  [Kee descendants]  [Newlove ancestors]
Newlove, William John (1911-1979)  [Newlove ancestors]
Nicholson, Ann  [Kee ancestors]
Niepoth, (--?--)  [Wixson ancestors]
Norman, Susan Ethel  [Balaam descendants]  [Marchment descendants]
Normand, Annette Marie  [Sneyd descendants]
Northaye, (--?--)  [Boyd ancestors]
Nurse, Catherine (1869-1891)  [Wixson ancestors]  [Wixson descendants]
Nuttall, Enos of Jamaica (Archbishop) (1842-1916)  [Stallard descendants]



O"Malley, Austin (1835-1912)  [Ingram ancestors]  [Ingram descendants]
O'Brien, Lafracote and Lafracota  [Geraldine ancestors]
O'Brien, Teige ( -1022)  [Geraldine ancestors]
O'Caellaide, Dunlaing  [Geraldine ancestors]
O'Connor, Calvagh of Derrymullen, King's County  [Fitzgerald descendants]  [Morton ancestors]
O'Connor, James (1844-1919)  [Wixson descendants]
O'Connor, Mary  [Fitzgerald descendants]  [Morton ancestors]
O'Donnell, James  [Fitzgerald descendants]
O'Sullivan Mor, Donal  [Morton ancestors]
O'Sullivan Mor, Shile  [Morton ancestors]
Oake, Edith M (1863- )  [Ingram ancestors]  [Ingram descendants]
Oates, Michael  [Wixson ancestors]
Oates, Thamasine (or Thamazine) (1725-1810)  [Wixson ancestors]
Oates, Thomasine (1725-1810)  [Wixson ancestors]  [Wixson ancestors]
Oettgenoeltgen, Adelheid Aeltgen (1623- )  [Wixson ancestors]
Olafsdotter, Gyrithe (Cyrid?) Queen of Denmark  [Geraldine ancestors]
Olafsson, Alf (580- )  [Geraldine ancestors]
Oliver, Joan  [Wixson ancestors]
Oliver, John  [Bone ancestors]
Oliver, Marion Alice Elaine (1916-1977)  [Ingram ancestors]  [Ingram descendants]
Oliver, Mary (1715- )  [Wixson ancestors]
Oliver, Nicholas  [Wixson ancestors]
Olivier, Françoise  [Newlove ancestors]
Orcutt, Frank N  [Balaam descendants]
Ormsby, Clarence Charles (1884- )  [Wixson descendants]
Ormsby, Esther (1878- )  [Wixson descendants]
Ormsby, George (1851-1905)  [Wixson ancestors]  [Wixson descendants]
Ormsby, Lillian May (1880- )  [Wixson descendants]
Ormsby, Rosanna (Pearl) (1883- )  [Wixson descendants]
Orr, James (1710-1790)  [Kee ancestors]  [Kee descendants]
Orr, Margaret (1758- )  [Kee ancestors]  [Kee descendants]
Othen, Ann (1700- )  [Bone ancestors]
Othen, Elizabeth (1701-1701)  [Bone ancestors]
Othen, James (1697- )  [Bone ancestors]
Othen, John (1702- )  [Bone ancestors]
Othen, Richard (1708- )  [Bone ancestors]
Othen, Thomas (1693- )  [Bone ancestors]
Othen, Thomas  [Bone ancestors]
Otto, Jean  [Sneyd descendants]
Owens, Elizabeth (1821- )  [Newlove ancestors]



Pacy, Clara G (1854- )  [Balaam descendants]
Page, Mary  [Bone ancestors]  [Stallard descendants]
Pallmer, Samuel  [Boyd ancestors]
Palmer, Mary Ann (1852- )  [Bone ancestors]
Palmer, Mary Ella  [Wixson ancestors]  [Wixson descendants]
Palmer, William Benjamin (1840- )  [Bone ancestors]
Panchard, George  [Stallard descendants]
Panton, (--?--) (Archdeacon)  [Stallard descendants]
Panton, David Morrieson (1870-1955)  [Stallard descendants]
Panton, Ella  [Stallard descendants]
Panton, Lily  [Stallard descendants]
Panton, Richard (Archdeacon)  [Stallard descendants]
Parish, Anne (1863- )  [Ingram ancestors]
Parish, Catherine (1853-1923)  [Ingram ancestors]  [Ingram ancestors]  [Ingram descendants]
Parish, Daniel (1812-1875)  [Ingram ancestors]
Parish, Daniel (1851- )  [Ingram ancestors]
Parish, David (1820-1876)  [Ingram ancestors]
Parish, Elizabeth (1847-1910)  [Ingram ancestors]
Parish, Helen (1861- )  [Ingram ancestors]
Parish, James (1865-1933)  [Ingram ancestors]
Parish, Joshua (1806-1871)  [Ingram ancestors]
Parish, Mary Jane (1850-1917)  [Ingram ancestors]
Parish, Sarah (1869-1940)  [Ingram ancestors]
Parish, Susanna (1850- )  [Ingram ancestors]
Parish, Thomas (1857-1929)  [Ingram ancestors]
Parish, William (1776-1846)  [Ingram ancestors]
Parish, William J (1854-1916)  [Ingram ancestors]
Parry, Reagan Elizabeth  [Ingram descendants]  [Sneyd descendants]
Parry, Trevor  [Ingram descendants]  [Sneyd descendants]
Parsonson, Audrey Elva  [Marchment descendants]
Parsonson, Bruce  [Marchment descendants]
Parsonson, Donal  [Marchment descendants]
Parsonson, Dorothy  [Marchment descendants]
Parsonson, Eleanor  [Marchment descendants]
Parsonson, Henry Nelson (1888-1950)  [Marchment descendants]
Parsonson, Howard  [Marchment descendants]
Parsonson, John Victor (1853- )  [Boyd ancestors]  [Marchment descendants]
Parsonson, Loveilla (1892-1981)  [Marchment descendants]
Parsonson, Muriel  [Marchment descendants]
Parsonson, Nelson  [Marchment descendants]
Parsonson, Samuel George (1885-1970)  [Marchment descendants]
Pastorius, Johan Samuel (Daniel)  [Wixson ancestors]
Paterson, Jessie Watson (1843-1917)  [Bone ancestors]
Patrick, Agnes  [Bone ancestors]
Patrick, Ann ( -1790)  [Bone ancestors]
Patrick, Ann (1752-1830)  [Bone ancestors]
Patrick, Bridgett  [Bone ancestors]
Patrick, Elianor  [Bone ancestors]
Patrick, Elizabeth (1722-1723)  [Bone ancestors]
Patrick, Elizabeth (1755- )  [Bone ancestors]
Patrick, Elizabeth  [Bone ancestors]
Patrick, Frances (1762-1836)  [Bone ancestors]
Patrick, Francis  [Bone ancestors]
Patrick, Lawrence ( -1665)  [Bone ancestors]
Patrick, Lawrence ( -1709)  [Bone ancestors]
Patrick, Lawrence ( -1736)  [Bone ancestors]
Patrick, Margery  [Bone ancestors]
Patrick, Olive (1760-1834)  [Bone ancestors]  [Stallard descendants]
Patrick, Ralph ( -1584)  [Bone ancestors]
Patrick, Ralph  [Bone ancestors]
Patrick, Richard (1487- )  [Bone ancestors]
Patrick, Richard (1705-1742)  [Bone ancestors]  [Bone ancestors]
Patrick, Richard (1724-1783)  [Bone ancestors]  [Stallard descendants]
Patrick, Richard (1765-1848)  [Bone ancestors]
Patrick, Thomas ( -1672)  [Bone ancestors]
Patrick, Thomas ( -1751)  [Bone ancestors]
Patrick, Wenyfre  [Bone ancestors]
Patterson, Robert (1844-1907)  [Kee ancestors]
Paul, Mary Ann ( -1948)  [Boyd ancestors]
Peacock, Ann Howse  [Ingram ancestors]
Pearson, Dorothy Isabelle (1899-1984)  [Balaam descendants]  [Boyd ancestors]  [Marchment descendants]
Pearson, Sumner  [Newlove ancestors]
Penn, Katherine (1610-1685)  [Newlove ancestors]
Pennington, Alice (1753-1832)  [Newlove ancestors]
Perkins, Elizabeth (1670-1706)  [Newlove ancestors]
Perkins, John (1669-1758)  [Newlove ancestors]
Perkins, William (1616-1732)  [Newlove ancestors]
Perkins, William (1639-1732)  [Newlove ancestors]
Perrett, Susanna (1772-1820)  [Ingram ancestors]
Perry, Mary Isabella (1871-1954)  [Hulse descendants]
Peters, Elizabeth  [Fitzgerald descendants]  [Morton ancestors]
Pethick, Noah (1848-1920)  [Sneyd ancestors]
Phillip, Johanna (1795- )  [Wixson ancestors]
Phillips, (--?--)  [Boyd ancestors]
Phillips, Jane Wilson (1881- )  [Boyd ancestors]
Phillips, Lavinia (1852-1938)  [Sneyd ancestors]
Philpot, Edward Nassau (1912- )  [Morton descendants]
Philpot, Frederick John (1885-1930)  [Morton descendants]
Pill, Ann (1747- )  [Wixson ancestors]
Pill, Elizabeth (1760- )  [Wixson ancestors]
Pill, Elizabeth (1793- )  [Wixson ancestors]
Pill, Henry (1682- )  [Wixson ancestors]
Pill, Henry (1715-1806)  [Wixson ancestors]
Pill, Hugh (1683- )  [Wixson ancestors]  [Wixson ancestors]
Pill, Hugh (1710- )  [Wixson ancestors]
Pill, Hugh (1742- )  [Wixson ancestors]
Pill, Hugh (1795- )  [Wixson ancestors]
Pill, Joan (1741- )  [Wixson ancestors]
Pill, John (1654- )  [Wixson ancestors]
Pill, John (1680- )  [Wixson ancestors]
Pill, John (1722- )  [Wixson ancestors]
Pill, John (1744- )  [Wixson ancestors]
Pill, John (1797- )  [Wixson ancestors]
Pill, Mary (1684- )  [Wixson ancestors]
Pill, Mary (1713- )  [Wixson ancestors]
Pill, Mary (1715- )  [Wixson ancestors]
Pill, Mary (1736- )  [Wixson ancestors]
Pill, Mary (1791-1800)  [Wixson ancestors]
Pill, Mary (1800- )  [Wixson ancestors]  [Wixson ancestors]
Pill, Nicholas (1749- )  [Wixson ancestors]
Pill, Nicholas (1789- )  [Wixson ancestors]
Pill, Olly (1751- )  [Wixson ancestors]
Pill, Pearce (1759- )  [Wixson ancestors]  [Wixson ancestors]
Pill, Pearce (1787- )  [Wixson ancestors]
Pill, Phebe (1756- )  [Wixson ancestors]
Pill, Philip (1708- )  [Wixson ancestors]
Pill, Phillip (1738- )  [Wixson ancestors]
Pill, Richard (1753- )  [Wixson ancestors]
Pilling, James (1851- )  [Sneyd ancestors]
Pitcher, (--?--)  [Newlove ancestors]
Pitre, Virginie  [Newlove ancestors]
Pitt, Thomas  [Bone ancestors]
Playford, Norma  [Sneyd descendants]
Poling, Frances (1759-1805)  [Bone ancestors]
Polsue, Grace (1700- )  [Wixson ancestors]
Porter, Brian  [Kee descendants]
Porter, Dianne  [Kee descendants]
Porter, Julie  [Kee descendants]
Porter, Keith  [Kee descendants]
Porter, Michael  [Kee descendants]
Post, Susanne Virginia (1917- )  [Balaam descendants]
Potter, Cordelia Maud (1875-1930)  [Hulse descendants]  [Morton ancestors]
Powell, Anne  [Boyd ancestors]
Powers, Edward  [Newlove ancestors]
Pratt, Ann  [Bone ancestors]
Pride, David  [Stallard descendants]
Pride, Jack  [Stallard descendants]
Pride, Maude (1885- )  [Stallard descendants]
Pride, Maurice James (1878-1958)  [Stallard descendants]
Pride, Susan  [Stallard descendants]
Pride, Vivian  [Stallard descendants]
Prudhomme, Brian George Stewart  [Fitzgerald descendants]  [Morton descendants]
Prudhomme, Carrie Jean  [Fitzgerald descendants]  [Morton descendants]
Prudhomme, Ryan Christopher  [Fitzgerald descendants]  [Morton descendants]



Quinn, Eleanor (1823-1876)  [Kee ancestors]  [Kee descendants]
Quinn, Ellen (1796- )  [Newlove ancestors]
Quinn, Pauline (1922- )  [Ingram descendants]
Quirk, Josephine U. (1874- )  [Hulse descendants]  [Morton ancestors]



Radbartsson, Randver (670-709)  [Geraldine ancestors]
Rae, Mary Ellen  [Balaam descendants]  [Marchment descendants]
Ragnarsson, Bjorn "Ironside" (777- )  [Geraldine ancestors]
Ragnarsson, Ivar "the Boneless" King of Dublin (787-873)  [Geraldine ancestors]
Ragnarsson, Sigurd "Snake Eye" (786- )  [Geraldine ancestors]
Ralston, Andrew (1844-1887)  [Kee ancestors]
Ramsay, Peter  [Ingram ancestors]
Ramsey, Mary Margaret ( -1905)  [Hulse descendants]  [Morton ancestors]
Rand, John (1645-1694)  [Newlove ancestors]
Randall, Mary (1756-1837)  [Wixson ancestors]
Randall, Mary (1757-1837)  [Wixson descendants]
Randversson, Sigurd "Ring" (730-812)  [Geraldine ancestors]
Rankin, Charlotte (1882-1962)  [Sneyd ancestors]
Rankin, Elizabeth (1853- )  [Sneyd ancestors]
Rankin, Elizabeth (1880-1964)  [Ingram ancestors]  [Ingram descendants]  [Sneyd ancestors]  [Sneyd descendants]
Rankin, Ellen Rubenia (1895-1950)  [Sneyd ancestors]
Rankin, Helen Daisy (1906-1976)  [Sneyd ancestors]
Rankin, Lavinia (1889- )  [Sneyd ancestors]
Rankin, Margaret J. (1878-1892)  [Sneyd ancestors]
Rankin, Martha Ann (1884-1971)  [Sneyd ancestors]
Rankin, Olive May (1893-1987)  [Sneyd ancestors]
Rankin, Robert (1824-1895)  [Sneyd ancestors]
Rankin, Robert J (1851-1925)  [Sneyd ancestors]  [Sneyd ancestors]  [Sneyd descendants]
Rankin, Robert Wilber (1899-1903)  [Sneyd ancestors]
Rankin, Ruby (1895-1950)  [Sneyd ancestors]
Rankin, William (1849-1928)  [Sneyd ancestors]
Rankin, William (1886-1965)  [Sneyd ancestors]
Rawson, Alpha (?) (1859- )  [Wixson ancestors]
Rawson, Ann (1847- )  [Wixson ancestors]
Rawson, Charles (1832- )  [Wixson ancestors]
Rawson, Elizabeth (1833- )  [Wixson ancestors]
Rawson, Esther (1806- )  [Wixson ancestors]
Rawson, Esther (1837-1905)  [Wixson ancestors]  [Wixson ancestors]  [Wixson descendants]
Rawson, Hannah (1839- )  [Wixson ancestors]
Rawson, James (1830-1837)  [Wixson ancestors]
Rawson, Jane Ellen (1853- )  [Wixson ancestors]
Rawson, John (1793- )  [Wixson ancestors]  [Wixson descendants]
Rawson, John Jr. (1837- )  [Wixson ancestors]
Rawson, Mary (1831- )  [Wixson ancestors]
Rawson, Sarah (1840- )  [Wixson ancestors]
Rawson, Thomas L. (1842- )  [Wixson ancestors]
Rawson, Wilson (1845- )  [Wixson ancestors]
Read, Elizabeth  [Wixson ancestors]
Reading, Thomas  [Bone ancestors]
Reffelkusen, Katharina  [Wixson ancestors]
Relyea, Edna (1891-1974)  [Bone ancestors]
Relyea, William Osborne (1886-1926)  [Bone ancestors]
Remick, Abraham (1667-1705)  [Wixson ancestors]
Remick, Christian (1631-1718)  [Wixson ancestors]  [Wixson descendants]
Remick, Hannah (1656-1729)  [Wixson ancestors]
Remick, Isaac (1665-1700)  [Wixson ancestors]
Remick, Jacob (1660-1745)  [Wixson ancestors]
Remick, Joshua (1672-1738)  [Wixson ancestors]
Remick, Lydia (1676- )  [Wixson ancestors]
Remick, Martha (1669- )  [Wixson ancestors]
Remick, Mary (1658-1705)  [Wixson ancestors]
Remick, Sarah (1663-1722)  [Wixson ancestors]  [Wixson descendants]
Rersson, Volsung (680-704)  [Geraldine ancestors]
Reser, Balthus  [Wixson ancestors]
Rice, Catherine (1765-1844)  [Newlove ancestors]
Richardson, Emilia  [Balaam descendants]
Richie, Margaret (1838- )  [Newlove ancestors]
Richter, Jake  [Balaam descendants]  [Marchment descendants]
Richter, Leah  [Balaam descendants]  [Marchment descendants]
Richter, Matthew  [Balaam descendants]  [Marchment descendants]
Richter, Samuel Burton  [Balaam descendants]  [Marchment descendants]
Riddeford, Florence Lucy (1876-1918)  [Marchment descendants]
Riddell, Jane (1820-1849)  [Newlove ancestors]
Riddell, Margaret Ann  [Boyd ancestors]
Riddiford, Aleda May  [Marchment descendants]
Riddiford, Arthur Newman (1893-1955)  [Marchment descendants]
Riddle, Margaret (1826- )  [Newlove ancestors]
Riddle, Meriah (1817-1888)  [Newlove ancestors]
Ritchie, Ainsley Marie  [Marchment descendants]
Roberts, Kerry Ann  [Ingram descendants]  [Sneyd descendants]
Robiliard, Mary (1847- )  [Wixson descendants]
Robiliard, Peter  [Wixson descendants]
Robinson, Margaret M (1872- )  [Ingram ancestors]
Roe, Maria (1800- )  [Morton ancestors]  [Morton descendants]
Rogers, Sarah  [Newlove ancestors]
Rognvaldsson, Turstan of Bastenburg  [Geraldine ancestors]  [Geraldine ancestors]
Rolfe, Mary (1888- )  [Marchment descendants]
Rooney, Elizabeth  [Bone ancestors]
Ross, Diana "Ann" Jane (1864- )  [Newlove ancestors]
Ross, Emily Louise (1875- )  [Marchment descendants]
Rossney, Edward Francis (1881-1960)  [Kee ancestors]  [Kee descendants]
Roussin, Marguerite  [Newlove ancestors]
Rowley, Robert  [Boyd ancestors]
Ruanaid, Máel King of Meath  [Geraldine ancestors]
Rudow, Jeffrey  [Sneyd descendants]
Rudow, William  [Sneyd descendants]
Rumble, Charlotte Abigail  [Wixson descendants]
Rushby, Marion  [Stallard descendants]
Russel, Mildred  [Marchment descendants]
Russel, Richard  [Bone ancestors]  [Stallard descendants]
Russell, Mary (1720-1774)  [Kee ancestors]  [Kee descendants]
Russell, Mary J (1851- )  [Wixson ancestors]
Russell, William  [Ingram ancestors]
Rutherford, Catherine (1805-1874)  [Ingram ancestors]
Rutherford, Ruth Alsina (1859-1941)  [Kee ancestors]  [Kee descendants]

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