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Index of Names

This list of names includes all people found in these research notes, in any of the several subject areas. For people who appear in more than one, a link or two will be given for each. Bold links lead to the most data. People are alphabetized by surname, beginning with unknown surnames.

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Hair, Helen  [Newlove ancestors]
Halfdansson, Ivar "Vidfame" King (612-632)  [Geraldine ancestors]
Hall, Elizabetha  [Wixson ancestors]
Hall, Margaret Alvena  [Balaam descendants]  [Boyd ancestors]  [Marchment descendants]
Hallam, Dorothy  [Stallard descendants]
Halley, George  [Ingram ancestors]
Hamilton, Everlyn  [Fitzgerald descendants]
Hammond, Cooper Edward John  [Ingram descendants]  [Sneyd descendants]
Hammond, Michael Craig  [Ingram descendants]  [Sneyd descendants]
Hammond, Quinn Emily  [Ingram descendants]  [Sneyd descendants]
Hancock, John ( -1953)  [Stallard descendants]
Hand, Mary (1710- )  [Wixson ancestors]
Hanson, Joseph  [Newlove ancestors]
Hardeknudsson, Gorm "The Old" King of Denmark (840-940)  [Geraldine ancestors]
Hardy, Amos  [Newlove ancestors]
Hardy, Hannah (1815-1877)  [Newlove ancestors]
Haroldsdatter, Thyre "Danebod" (of Jutland) Queen of Denmark  [Geraldine ancestors]
Haroldsson, Halfdan King (590-650)  [Geraldine ancestors]
Harris, Kaitlyn Donna  [Marchment descendants]
Harris, Kimberley Donna  [Marchment descendants]
Harris, Kyle James  [Marchment descendants]
Harris, Neil James  [Marchment descendants]
Harrison, Joseph  [Wixson ancestors]
Harrison, Russel (1877-1961)  [Wixson ancestors]
Harvey, Alfred (Duke) James  [Marchment descendants]
Harvey, Donna Marilyne  [Marchment descendants]
Harvey, John (1841-1909)  [Sneyd ancestors]
Harvey, Kimberley Donna  [Marchment descendants]
Harvey, Mary (1810-1867)  [Balaam descendants]  [Boyd ancestors]
Harvey, Pearl  [Newlove ancestors]
Haskins, Eliza (1840- )  [Morton ancestors]
Haskins, Fannie  [Newlove ancestors]
Hassan, Joanna (1850- )  [Ingram ancestors]  [Ingram descendants]
Hatton, (--?--) (1713- )  [Morton ancestors]  [Morton descendants]
Hatton, Ann (1713- )  [Morton ancestors]  [Morton descendants]
Hatton, Anne (?) (1710- )  [Morton ancestors]
Hatton, Henry  [Morton ancestors]  [Morton descendants]
Hatton, Pamela Jill Paige  [Stallard descendants]
Hatton, Terence Paige  [Stallard descendants]
Hatton, William Paige  [Stallard descendants]
Haug, Edith Dora  [Hulse descendants]
Hawkins, Marjorie Noblete (1896-1952)  [Fitzgerald descendants]  [Morton ancestors]  [Morton descendants]
Hawley, Grace (1623-1689)  [Newlove ancestors]
Hayden, Abraham  [Bone ancestors]
Hayden, Eleanor (1785-1869)  [Bone ancestors]
Hayden, Elizabeth (1776-1805)  [Bone ancestors]
Hayden, Francis B. (1778-1875)  [Bone ancestors]
Hayden, Genevieve Jeanne (1790-1813)  [Bone ancestors]
Hayden, Georgina (1760- )  [Bone ancestors]
Hayden, Hannah (1805- )  [Bone ancestors]
Hayden, Hellen B. (1786- )  [Bone ancestors]
Hayden, John (1794-1859)  [Bone ancestors]
Hayden, Lydia M. (1779- )  [Bone ancestors]
Hayden, Margaret-Emily, Emilie, Mary, and Mary-Emily (1795- )  [Bone ancestors]
Hayden, Mary (1777- )  [Bone ancestors]
Hayden, Mary-Amelia (1795- )  [Bone ancestors]  [Bone ancestors]
Hayes, Edith Maud (1889-1981)  [Marchment descendants]
Hebner, Elizabeth (1819-1850)  [Wixson ancestors]  [Wixson descendants]
Henderson, Allen  [Kee descendants]
Henderson, Gary  [Kee descendants]
Henderson, Henry Herbert ( -1998)  [Kee ancestors]  [Kee descendants]
Henderson, Lincoln  [Kee descendants]
Henderson, Margaret (1804- )  [Wixson ancestors]
Henderson, Marjory  [Kee descendants]
Henderson, Pat  [Kee descendants]
Hendricks, Anthony (1775- )  [Wixson ancestors]
Hendry, Maureen Margaret ( -2004)  [Marchment descendants]
Hennesy, Jospeh  [Sneyd descendants]
Hennesy, Mathew  [Sneyd descendants]
Hennesy, Tony  [Sneyd descendants]
Hennow, Joan  [Wixson ancestors]
Henry, Daniel  [Wixson descendants]
Henry, Oliver  [Newlove ancestors]
Hepburn, Agnes (1788- )  [Ingram ancestors]
Hepburn, Agnes (1826-1921)  [Ingram ancestors]
Hepburn, Andrew (1785-1850)  [Ingram ancestors]
Hepburn, Andrew (1813-1871)  [Ingram ancestors]
Hepburn, Barbara (1823-1893)  [Ingram ancestors]
Hepburn, Catherine (1825-1892)  [Ingram ancestors]  [Ingram ancestors]
Hepburn, Elizabeth (1830-1898)  [Ingram ancestors]
Hepburn, James (1832-1893)  [Ingram ancestors]
Hepburn, Jane (1821- )  [Ingram ancestors]
Hepburn, Jean (1782- )  [Ingram ancestors]
Hepburn, Margaret (1780- )  [Ingram ancestors]
Hepburn, Margaret (1810-1881)  [Ingram ancestors]
Hepburn, Mary (1819- )  [Ingram ancestors]
Hepburn, Mitchell Broom (1833- )  [Ingram ancestors]
Hepburn, Robert (1807-1873)  [Ingram ancestors]
Hepburn, Robert  [Ingram ancestors]
Hepburn, Thomas (1791- )  [Ingram ancestors]
Hepburn, Thomas (1828- )  [Ingram ancestors]
Hepburn, Thomas Milne (1817-1828)  [Ingram ancestors]
Hepburn, William (1815-1890)  [Ingram ancestors]
Hewson, Harriett Belle ( -1950)  [Sneyd ancestors]  [Sneyd descendants]
Hewson, Hattie ( -1950)  [Sneyd descendants]
Hibbard, Audrey  [Marchment descendants]
Hibbard, Jessie Harriett N. (1881-1908)  [Marchment descendants]
Hibbard, Roy Henry  [Marchment descendants]
Hilborn, Estella (1872- )  [Hulse descendants]
Hill, Eliza Jane (1874-1948)  [Marchment descendants]
Hill, Elizabeth (1760- )  [Wixson ancestors]  [Wixson ancestors]
Hill, Ferdinando (1725-1800)  [Wixson ancestors]
Hill, Ferdinando (1752- )  [Wixson ancestors]
Hill, Ferdinando  [Wixson ancestors]
Hill, George (1758- )  [Wixson ancestors]
Hill, Michael (1762-1768)  [Wixson ancestors]
Hill, Michael (1768- )  [Wixson ancestors]
Hill, William (1771- )  [Wixson ancestors]
Hillis, Elizabeth (1828-1908)  [Ingram ancestors]
Hjalmthersson, Eylimi (688-709)  [Geraldine ancestors]
Hogsflesh, Richard  [Bone ancestors]
Holder, Christopher (1594- )  [Wixson ancestors]
Holder, Elizabeth  [Wixson ancestors]
Holland, Anne (1837- )  [Bone ancestors]
Holland, Anne-Sara (1819- )  [Bone ancestors]
Holland, Arthur (1817- )  [Bone ancestors]
Holland, Arthur  [Bone ancestors]
Holland, Elisabeth (1825- )  [Bone ancestors]
Holland, Ellen (1834- )  [Bone ancestors]  [Bone ancestors]
Holland, Frances-Ann (1842- )  [Bone ancestors]
Holland, Henry (1839- )  [Bone ancestors]
Holland, James (1830- )  [Bone ancestors]
Holland, John (1821- )  [Bone ancestors]
Holland, Margaret (1823- )  [Bone ancestors]
Holland, Marguerite  [Bone ancestors]
Holland, Mary-Amelia (1795- )  [Bone ancestors]
Holland, Michel (1832- )  [Bone ancestors]
Holland, Thomas (1779-1849)  [Bone ancestors]  [Bone ancestors]
Holland, Thomas (1827- )  [Bone ancestors]
Holloway, John  [Stallard descendants]
Holtorf, Alice Theresa (1887-1971)  [Fitzgerald descendants]  [Hulse descendants]  [Morton ancestors]  [Morton descendants]  [Wixson ancestors]  [Wixson descendants]
Holtorf, Christopher (1820-1904)  [Hulse descendants]  [Morton ancestors]
Holtorf, Elizabeth (1834-1871)  [Morton ancestors]
Holtorf, Henry M. (1861- )  [Fitzgerald descendants]  [Hulse descendants]  [Morton ancestors]  [Morton ancestors]  [Morton descendants]
Holtorf, Mabel Irene (1889- )  [Hulse descendants]  [Morton ancestors]
Holtorf, Reuben (1859- )  [Morton ancestors]
Holtorf, Reuben Alexander (1858- )  [Morton ancestors]
Hooley, Edgar  [Stallard descendants]
Hooley, Grace  [Stallard descendants]
Hopkins, Claire (1914-2005)  [Balaam descendants]  [Marchment descendants]
Hopkins, Richard (1850- )  [Ingram ancestors]
How, Elizabeth  [Boyd ancestors]
Howard, Georgina (1760- )  [Bone ancestors]
Hrimnirsdatter, Ljod (685- )  [Geraldine ancestors]
Hrolfsdatter, Ragnhild (Hilda) Countess of More  [Geraldine ancestors]
Hubbard, Anna (1893- )  [Fitzgerald descendants]
Hubbard, Collins Baughman (1852- )  [Fitzgerald descendants]
Hubbard, Edward King (1891- )  [Fitzgerald descendants]
Hubbard, Grace J (1897- )  [Fitzgerald descendants]
Hubbard, Henry George (1884-1955)  [Marchment descendants]
Hubbard, Henry George Hibbard (1884-1955)  [Marchment descendants]
Hubbard, Jessie Harriett N. (1881-1908)  [Marchment descendants]
Hubbard, Mary (1899- )  [Fitzgerald descendants]
Huckins, James  [Newlove ancestors]
Huckwell, Elizabeth Emily (1860-1924)  [Boyd ancestors]  [Marchment descendants]
Hulihan, Catherine  [Newlove ancestors]
Hulse, Adelia J. (1856- )  [Hulse descendants]
Hulse, Alice Adeline (1874-1895)  [Hulse descendants]  [Morton ancestors]
Hulse, Alice May (1896- )  [Hulse descendants]
Hulse, Alice Theresa (1843-1920)  [Hulse descendants]  [Morton ancestors]
Hulse, Ambrose (1879- )  [Hulse descendants]
Hulse, Arthur Henry (1868-1869)  [Hulse descendants]  [Morton ancestors]
Hulse, Barkley (1869-1898)  [Hulse descendants]  [Morton ancestors]
Hulse, Barkley Sherlock (1897- )  [Hulse descendants]
Hulse, Caroline Emma Ruston  [Hulse descendants]
Hulse, Cecil Barnett  [Hulse descendants]
Hulse, Edna (1882-1882)  [Hulse descendants]
Hulse, Edna A. (1875- )  [Hulse descendants]
Hulse, Etha M. (1869- )  [Hulse descendants]
Hulse, Fred  [Hulse descendants]
Hulse, George Britton (1865-1901)  [Hulse descendants]
Hulse, Glen  [Hulse descendants]
Hulse, Glenna Eileen  [Hulse descendants]
Hulse, Henry (1897- )  [Hulse descendants]
Hulse, Henry Jr. (1876-1959)  [Hulse descendants]  [Morton ancestors]
Hulse, Henry Sr. (1839-1904)  [Hulse descendants]  [Morton ancestors]  [Morton ancestors]
Hulse, Ida M. (1871- )  [Hulse descendants]
Hulse, James (1805- )  [Hulse descendants]  [Morton ancestors]
Hulse, James Francis (1888-1889)  [Hulse descendants]
Hulse, John (1896- )  [Hulse descendants]
Hulse, John Frederick (1902-1903)  [Hulse descendants]
Hulse, John J. (1866-1943)  [Hulse descendants]
Hulse, John Smith (1826-1868)  [Hulse descendants]  [Morton ancestors]
Hulse, Joseph Henry (1859-1927)  [Hulse descendants]
Hulse, Joseph Taylor (1824-1900)  [Hulse descendants]  [Morton ancestors]
Hulse, Laura E. D. (1912-1969)  [Hulse descendants]
Hulse, Letitia (1864- )  [Hulse descendants]
Hulse, Mary (1871- )  [Hulse descendants]
Hulse, Mary A. (1855-1858)  [Hulse descendants]
Hulse, Mary Adelia  [Hulse descendants]
Hulse, Mary Ann (1831-1853)  [Hulse descendants]  [Morton ancestors]
Hulse, Mary Elizabeth Walton (1859- )  [Hulse descendants]
Hulse, Mary Jane (1866-1946)  [Fitzgerald descendants]  [Hulse descendants]  [Morton ancestors]  [Morton ancestors]  [Morton descendants]
Hulse, Mathew (1828- )  [Hulse descendants]  [Morton ancestors]
Hulse, Mathew M. (1862- )  [Hulse descendants]
Hulse, Matthew Earnscliffe Irwin (1897-1976)  [Hulse descendants]
Hulse, May (1866-1946)  [Hulse descendants]  [Morton ancestors]
Hulse, Nancy (1803- )  [Hulse descendants]  [Morton ancestors]
Hulse, Patricia  [Hulse descendants]
Hulse, Robert George  [Hulse descendants]
Hulse, Robert John (1862- )  [Hulse descendants]
Hulse, Samuel  [Hulse descendants]  [Morton ancestors]
Hulse, Sarah (1864- )  [Hulse descendants]
Hulse, Sarah  [Morton ancestors]
Hulse, Sherry  [Hulse descendants]
Hulse, Thomas (1798-1857)  [Hulse descendants]  [Morton ancestors]
Hulse, Thomas (1833-1836)  [Hulse descendants]  [Morton ancestors]
Hulse, Thomas (1836-1842)  [Hulse descendants]  [Morton ancestors]
Hulse, Thomas H. (1865-1868)  [Hulse descendants]  [Morton ancestors]
Hulse, Thomas H. M. (1857- )  [Hulse descendants]
Hulse, Vera Marjory (1896-1900)  [Hulse descendants]
Hulse, Walter (1872-1899)  [Hulse descendants]  [Morton ancestors]
Hulse, Walter (1897- )  [Hulse descendants]
Hulse, William George (1842- )  [Hulse descendants]  [Morton ancestors]
Hulse, William T. (1867- )  [Hulse descendants]
Hurley, Fanny  [Newlove ancestors]
Husband, Christine Gunilla  [Balaam descendants]  [Marchment descendants]
Huston, David  [Boyd ancestors]
Huston, Margaret ( -1889)  [Boyd ancestors]  [Boyd ancestors]



Ide, Agnes Isabella Judd (1885- )  [Stallard descendants]
Ide, Albert Edward (1878- )  [Stallard descendants]
Ide, Amy Aylmer (1869- )  [Stallard descendants]
Ide, Atholine Catherine (1880-1885)  [Stallard descendants]
Ide, Beatrice F. M. (1904- )  [Stallard descendants]
Ide, Charlotte Cave (1829-1881)  [Bone ancestors]  [Stallard descendants]
Ide, Clara Charlotte (1872- )  [Stallard descendants]
Ide, Florence Matilda (1883-1892)  [Stallard descendants]
Ide, Laura Ellen Cave (1876- )  [Stallard descendants]
Ide, Lillian A (1909- )  [Stallard descendants]
Ide, Reginald A (1906- )  [Stallard descendants]
Ide, Thomas Henry (1834-1907)  [Stallard descendants]
Ide, Victor W. (1902- )  [Stallard descendants]
Ide, Willis Aylmore (1806-1878)  [Bone ancestors]  [Stallard descendants]
Ide, Willis Aylmore (1874- )  [Stallard descendants]
Imhaugh, Lewis (1753-1819)  [Newlove ancestors]
Imhoff, Angelique (1828- )  [Newlove ancestors]
Imhoff, Anne (1819- )  [Newlove ancestors]
Imhoff, Elias Frederich Christian (1755- )  [Newlove ancestors]
Imhoff, James (1790- )  [Newlove ancestors]
Imhoff, Johann Jurgen ( -1757)  [Newlove ancestors]
Imhoff, Johann Ludwig Georg (1753-1819)  [Newlove ancestors]
Imhoff, John (1787- )  [Newlove ancestors]  [Newlove ancestors]
Imhoff, John (1825-1900)  [Newlove ancestors]
Imhoff, Lewis (1820-1915)  [Newlove ancestors]
Imhoff, Margaret (1823- )  [Newlove ancestors]
Imhoff, Mary (1797- )  [Newlove ancestors]
Imhoff, Mary Jane (1822-1917)  [Newlove ancestors]  [Newlove ancestors]
Imhoff, Sarah (1838-1867)  [Newlove ancestors]
Imhoff, William (1831- )  [Newlove ancestors]
ingen Lethlobair, Ailbi  [Geraldine ancestors]
ingen Lethlobair, Barrdub  [Geraldine ancestors]
ingen Máel Sechnaill Mór, Ailbi  [Geraldine ancestors]
ingen Taidg, Dirborgaill (1008-1098)  [Geraldine ancestors]
Ingram, Albert (1918-1988)  [Ingram ancestors]  [Ingram descendants]
Ingram, Andrew  [Ingram ancestors]
Ingram, Andrew  [Ingram ancestors]  [Ingram descendants]
Ingram, Andrew A (1883-1945)  [Ingram descendants]
Ingram, Andrew A. (Judge) (1883-1945)  [Ingram descendants]
Ingram, Andrew B (1851-1934)  [Ingram ancestors]  [Ingram descendants]
Ingram, Annie Viola (1881- )  [Ingram descendants]
Ingram, Beatrice (1890- )  [Ingram descendants]
Ingram, Beverley Anne  [Ingram descendants]
Ingram, Bill  [Ingram descendants]
Ingram, Catherine Mary (1913-1983)  [Ingram ancestors]  [Ingram descendants]
Ingram, Charles Clark (or Cormack) (1874-1896)  [Ingram ancestors]  [Ingram descendants]
Ingram, Cole  [Ingram descendants]
Ingram, David Ross  [Ingram descendants]
Ingram, Frances (1922- )  [Ingram descendants]
Ingram, Frances  [Wixson ancestors]
Ingram, George Albert (1863-1934)  [Ingram ancestors]  [Ingram descendants]  [Sneyd ancestors]  [Sneyd descendants]
Ingram, George S (1884-1965)  [Ingram descendants]
Ingram, George William  [Ingram descendants]
Ingram, Hamilton  [Ingram descendants]
Ingram, James (1878- )  [Ingram descendants]
Ingram, James Edward  [Ingram descendants]
Ingram, Jennifer Lynn  [Ingram descendants]
Ingram, Jeremy Joseph  [Ingram descendants]
Ingram, John  [Ingram ancestors]  [Ingram descendants]
Ingram, John David  [Ingram descendants]
Ingram, John O (1893- )  [Ingram descendants]
Ingram, John S. (1853-1905)  [Ingram ancestors]  [Ingram descendants]
Ingram, Joseph N. (1865-1915)  [Ingram ancestors]  [Ingram descendants]
Ingram, Leslie S (1895- )  [Ingram descendants]
Ingram, Margaret Emily (1915-1997)  [Ingram ancestors]  [Ingram descendants]  [Sneyd ancestors]  [Sneyd descendants]
Ingram, Marian  [Ingram descendants]
Ingram, Mary A (1888-1956)  [Ingram descendants]
Ingram, Mirtle May (1879- )  [Ingram descendants]
Ingram, Nanci Elaine  [Ingram descendants]
Ingram, Norman Neale (1909-1966)  [Ingram ancestors]  [Ingram descendants]
Ingram, Paul Charles  [Ingram descendants]
Ingram, Paul Douglas  [Ingram descendants]
Ingram, Paul George (1911-2004)  [Ingram ancestors]  [Ingram descendants]
Ingram, Pauline Emily  [Ingram descendants]
Ingram, Rebecca (1836-1912)  [Ingram ancestors]  [Ingram descendants]
Ingram, Robert Brian  [Ingram descendants]
Ingram, Robert E (1856- )  [Ingram ancestors]  [Ingram descendants]
Ingram, Roy S (1902- )  [Ingram descendants]
Ingram, Samuel Dice (1861-1942)  [Ingram ancestors]  [Ingram descendants]
Ingram, Sarah Teresa (1870-1938)  [Ingram ancestors]  [Ingram descendants]
Ingram, Terri Dobree  [Ingram descendants]
Ingram, Tessie (1870-1938)  [Ingram ancestors]  [Ingram descendants]
Ingram, Thomas (1819-1890)  [Ingram ancestors]  [Ingram descendants]
Ingram, Thomas (1858-1929)  [Ingram ancestors]  [Ingram descendants]
Ingram, Thomas Cormack (1883- )  [Ingram descendants]
Ingram, William  [Ingram ancestors]  [Ingram descendants]
Ingram, William H. (1877- )  [Ingram descendants]
Ingram, William Henry (1849-1915)  [Ingram ancestors]  [Ingram descendants]
Ingram, William Wesley (1889- )  [Ingram descendants]
Irving, Margaret (1896- )  [Wixson descendants]
Ivarsdatter, Aud (633- )  [Geraldine ancestors]

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